Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Creativity unleashed

When you start to accept, trust and love your current work choices, you begin to relax, - mentally, emotionally and physically. And then you release all the blocked energy that went with the divisive state of hating your job, and wanting your passion instead. This unleashes immense creativity that you can now channel towards your passion!

Ruth and Rick have both, just begun to trust the choices they ended up making, to stay in their jobs. (Check my last post for their stories.) I contend that practicality need not rob them of their passion.

A contented Ruth can find several ways in which to indulge her passion, both in the workplace and outside it. In time, this may even lead to the transition into art as a lucrative profession.

So what might Ruth do, for example? Well, to start with, of course, she might practice her art during her off time. She might take classes to improve some particular aspect of her style. Then she might want to think of ways to make a living from her passion. This may include conducting art classes for her kids and their friends, or at the local adult education center. She may even be able to negotiate a way to conduct art workshops at work, as a means of stress relief for co-workers, for instance. And as she increases her visibility this way, she may ultimately sell her own works of art. The sky is the limit!

What about Rick? He doesn’t even know what his passion is! Well there is a wealth of information and knowledge out there, on discovering your passion. There are books and courses, seminars and consulting and coaching opportunities, which have helped many people to find their passion. And because of his job, Rick is comfortably able to pay for any of those.

I suggest a simple 2-step plan to discover your passion:

1.Remind yourself of what you love doing, and do it. This may be totally unrelated to your work right now, and there may be a few different things you may love doing. Make time in the week to do a couple of those things every week. Get in touch with the enjoyment you experience from them. In time, you may come to 1or 2 things that have potential to be your life work.
2.Be open to discovering new loves. What you may have enjoyed doing in the past, may not do anything for you today. Set aside 10 minutes every day to reflect on your day, and to spot incidents or opportunities that sparked some energy in you. Do this for a while, and see what shows up. You may be able to detect patterns that provide a clue.

There are no rules about finding your passion. Don’t get caught up in the ‘shoulds’ and ‘should-nots’ around this. You may find that your passion is not unique to you, is not one thing - but 2 or 3 things, is quite mundane after all, and doesn’t quite consume you as you were told it would.

Don’t get me wrong; I have been very inspired by the story of Michelangelo – the agony and the ecstasy of his passion. But I believe that we are all different and passion comes in different packages for each of us – a bright dancing flame for some and a soft, slow sizzle for others. :-) Find yours, without pressure and with authenticity.


Copyright 2006 Ameeta Kaul


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